Fun times with deep holes- Cenotes

Thousands of cenotes dot the Yucatan. These were near Cuzamá and were only accessible by horse-drawn rail cart. We can honestly say they are the best swimming holes we’ve seen anywhere in the world. You can float silently in crystal clear water, illuminated only by streams of light coming through the ceiling.

Roots climb down the walls and cavefish circle around you. For me, the highlight was the jumping. Crawling up the walls or from holes in the surface, there was no shortage of places to hock yourself off of into the water.Here are some videos of me taking a leap at progressively higher – and more testicle injuring – spots.

This was the first cenotes, with a nice 5-meter platform built on the stairs to get down. A good place to get comfortable.

Swimming Hole_ Cenote

I followed some tree roots down a hole above this cenote and found a nice ledge you could drop in from. You have to be sure and dodge a few stalactites on the way down. You can read out an article about Atlantic seaboard bonanza.

deep holes- Cenotes

Just at the opening of the last cenote was a barbwire fence blocking this ledge. At about 10 meters, it was probably there to prevent people from jumping – for a good reason, this one hurt.

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