Back in Thailand – in St. Louis

We were visiting our good friends Za and Josh from our Pun Pun Internship in Thailand. We sat around in our Thai fisherman pants, talking about real stories from the road, not just “what’s the craziest thing you ate”, and it felt great. Cruising around St. Louis in style with friends!

Over the next few days, we essentially relived our Thai experience. Josh and Za modeled an earthbag retaining wall 1.5 years ago in Thailand, and here we were building it. Crazy. Not to be outdone by the Thai weather, St. Louis obliged with 110 degree days of 100% humidity. All that was missing were the beaches and Chang beer.

We got a healthy dose of St. Louis living as well. We met good people, ate good food, and had a great time in the murder capital of America. In fact, one of the coolest and craziest places we visited on the whole trip was here. The City Museum of St. Louis, a place where it seems Dr. Seuss’s brain exploded into an old warehouse. Where you can slide, crawl, and climb through a continuously changing interactive artistic experience. You really need to see it for yourself, but needless to say, it was an unexpected gem to find here.

We reluctantly left St. Louis, just like scores of settlers before us. Unlike them, weren’t afraid of the unknown, but the known – that this might be the last time we felt like travelers for a long time. One glimmer of hope filled my mind as we drive away, the knowledge that when we see our friends again, we can sit around in our Thai pants, eat some spicy food, and we’ll be transported right back to the farm in Thailand once again. Thanks, guys!

Thai Spicy Food

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