Atlantic seaboard bonanza

It feels strange to write about these domestic locales, so let’s just stick to the highlights. Maine was a great time with family and an inspiring example of true country living. We even got to see Jon from Mama Roja and his sweet Yurt. New York showed us both the best and stressful aspects of life in the US.

Atlantic seaboard bonanza 1

In Philadelphia, we ate cheese stakes and got a good dose of US history. In North Carolina, we experienced a truly American holiday when we crashed a friend’s family getaway in the Outer Banks. “Kim, from now on your father was white, your mother Columbian and we’ve never heard of San Francisco”

“Jesus recycles people”. “We recycle cars” – I don’t get the message or the punctuation. This has been the most rushed part of our trip so far, and in some ways the most draining. Abroad all of our interactions were pretty standard – “Where are you from?”, “Where are you going?”, “How long have you been traveling?”, etc. They were conversations rehearsed again and again and didn’t take much thinking.

Atlantic seaboard bonanza 2

Now we have to actually engage in real conversations – talking about kids, jobs, politics, and the future. It’s not something we have had to do in quite some time, and it is exhausting! Not to mention having to summarize two years worth of experience spread across 30+ countries when some asks, “So how was it?”.

In the end, it’s great to see familiar faces and talk about real life things again. However, I feel like the difficulties we’re experiencing now are just the tip of the iceberg, and the real challenge will come when we are back home, interacting with our old friends again, and finding a…. can I speak the word… will it come out… here it comes… JOB!

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